Award Programs

Outstanding Health Care Professional Awards

Shasta County Healthcare Professionals are nominated each year for recognition for their outstanding contribution to healthcare in the community. Categories include: Advocate/Leader, NP/PA,  Allied Health Professional (PT, Dietitian, MA, Respiratory Therapist), Nurse, Oral Health Professional, Physician, and Young Health Professional.

Physician Length of Service & Retirement Recognition

One of the goals of the Shasta Health Rock Star program is to recognize local health care professionals who have devoted their careers in service of Shasta County’s under-served populations. Our region’s strength is not only dependent on the availability of health care services to those who can afford them, but instead is reliant on the quality and affordability of health care services available to all. In conjunction with National Doctor’s Day scheduled for March 30, 2021, local physicians will be recognized by the local health care community for 20, 30, or 40 years of service and receive a Shasta Health Rock Star pin to highlight their service anniversary. We will also recognize those physicians who retired in 2020.